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What Mental Factors Influence Learning

We want our children to be successful: We develop children's cogitation, equip rooms, look for the best teachers, and choose leading schools. This is certainly important and necessary. Is anything else needed? Yes.

The success of learning depends directly on the development of the brain. And the brain needs a certain environment. And we’re not talking about development, but rather about emotion and comfort. According to research by the scientific community, there are factors that negatively affect the development of a baby's brain:
  • Single-parent family, if one parent has died or the mother and father are divorced;
  • Cruelty or indifference to children;
  • Lower standard of living in the family;
  • Mental problems in parents or close relatives;
  • Mom's lower-than-average level of education.

If the family has one or more of these factors, child’s brain formation can lag behind. And if all factors are present in the family, the brain will be 50-70% less developed than that of peers.

Not all factors we can change, but it is worth doing what we can.

What should parents do?

  • Form positive emotions in children. It is necessary that the child's emotional background is consistently positive;
  • Instill in your child that he is loved, valued and supported;
  • Avoid disagreements and quarrels between parents; resolve conflicts peacefully, not in front of the children;
  • Educate yourself. It's a great example to set for your child;
  • Boost your child's self-esteem, praise them, and celebrate everything they do right;
  • Satisfy the need for safety, create a sense of security;
  • Listen to your child. Try to hear what they say between the lines.

Of course, a comfortable emotional environment alone is not enough for a child to be developed and successful. It's two sides of the same coin: emotional comfort and hands-on learning.