Palme School: useful articles about teaching children the Russian language

What our customers say about us

We understand your desire to teach your child to speak Russian fluently. At the same time, we understand your doubts. And that's why we are in a hurry to dispel them here and now.

When making a decision, the opinion of those who have already done it is important to all of us. That is why we so often publish in social networks and posts reviews of parents of students at our school.

The Conversation Club has also collected a lot of positive feedback. For example, one mother shared that our experienced teachers were able to get her child, who was a real taciturn person and spoke Russian very badly, to talk.

Olga, mother of Timur (age 4), Canada

Our boy doesn't speak Russian very well. At first we weren't sure if it would work for us. But the teachers managed and managed to get our taciturn boy to talk, he stopped being shy and got involved in the learning process.

Grateful parents praise our teachers, noting that they know how to find an approach to every child.

Irina, mother of Petya (age 4) and Max (age 6), Canada

My kids liked the lesson with the teacher Julia. She is a competent and very interesting teacher who can easily interest the children and present the material in a playful way. We consider ourselves very lucky to be starting our education at this school.

Ekaterina, mother of Anastasia (age 6), Canada

Very lively and competent contact between the teacher and the children. That's what we need, thank you!

Oksana, mother of Yury (age 9), Canada

Greetings! I would like to say that your school is a godsend for us. The natural history lessons are wonderful! Very interesting, very lively. The teacher teaches in a way that you can listen to. The teacher gives 100%!

We thank all parents for their kind words. Your children's progress in learning Russian is our best reward.