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Eye exercises for children

Simple exercises for the eyes are a great prevention of decreased visual acuity.

When choosing gymnastics, consider your child’s age. Parents help preschoolers do the exercises, and older children can practice on their own.

It is important to consult a pediatric ophthalmologist in advance.

We offer a set of exercises for schoolchildren:

House of palms. It will improve blood circulation in the eyes and will be a great workout. It is very easy to do. A child needs to cross their fingers and put their palms together so that there is a "house", which they will place over the bridge of their nose. Fingers should touch the forehead, and palms should cover the eyes. Let the child blink actively, and also move their eyes to the right and left, drawing simple geometric shapes, letters and numbers. The time required is one to two minutes.
A made-up picture. An exercise for both children and their parents. It will help improve accommodation (the ability to perceive objects located at different distances). You and your child should draw a picture with different details beforehand. Fix it anywhere. Let the pupil gaze into the picture and look at the details in it. Time is 5 to 7 minutes.
Drawing with your nose. An interesting exercise where a child has to draw invented drawings with their nose. It can be done in any comfortable position – standing, sitting or even lying on the bed. During such a drawing, the child needs to close their eyes. The exercise will also help get rid of eye strain and cervical muscles. So when a child sits for a long time at a school desk or in front of a TV screen, blood flow in the neck area is reduced, which contributes to a decrease in blood flow to the eyes.

For gymnastics to be effective, it must be done regularly.