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Discover superpower in your child

There is something unique in every child. It is necessary to release this uniqueness, its superpower. Let us tell you how you can do this in our lessons.

What could be a superpower?

Anything – musical, mathematical, creative, linguistic abilities. Maybe your child can spend hours building a constructor, singing songs, dancing, or can't imagine himself or herself without a ball in his/her hands. Take a closer look at them, what do they love most?

Why unlock the superpower?

It is through developed abilities that a child can achieve his/her goal and become even more successful. If they naturally have great potential, but their parents will not develop it, the potential will remain unused.

Imagine that you got a million dollars. What would you do? Of course, plan how and where to spend the money. Perhaps for the education of children, for travel, to buy a house, for charity. You will use this money as efficiently as possible.

Instead of a million dollars, your child has a million-dollar potential to become successful, harmoniously developed, and happy. You need to identify the abilities and make sure that they have the opportunity to develop. Otherwise it will look like a million dollars you have hidden in the garage forever.

How to unlock the superpower?

Look at the child and consider their interests.
Ask him/her what about their interests, what they like, what delights them, what excites them, what takes their breath away, what they can't live a day without.
Consult with the teachers and psychologists who work with your child. Their experience will help you see what seems ordinary to you.
Find an individual approach to your child. All children are different. Some absorb information quickly and firmly, others quickly and superficially. Some need clear instructions, while others prefer to learn on their own.

Individual lessons at Palme School help open up the superpowers of children. The teacher focuses only on one child. They are sensitive to their condition, feeling, and interests. They see when they can give more information and when the child is tired and unable to perceive something. The teacher understands what the child is striving for and what he or she does best and is sure to tell the parents.

Individual lessons help to make a powerful leap forward. And if two children have the same potential, the successful one will be the one whose potential is unlocked.