Palme School: useful articles about teaching children the Russian language

While parents are doubting, their children are growing up

Nature intended it to be important for young children to learn as much information about our world as possible. It used to be necessary for survival. Now children are looked after by caring mothers who protect them from all dangers and adversities. However, children still have the ability to absorb large amounts of information and grasp everything on the go.

As one gets older, this ability becomes weaker, and one needs more time to learn new things. This doesn’t mean that all is lost, just that a little more effort is required. And if you develop yourself from childhood, you will show good learning ability even at a more mature age.

The main thing is not to waste time, but to start teaching children in time. For example, we accept children from the age of four. At the lessons, we develop speech skills, logical and creative thinking; we teach them not to be afraid to express their opinion. The brain of our students works and develops at the right pace. At the same time, the child is not tired and does not feel like someone forces him or her to work. Children just have fun with their peers and teachers, and learn a lot.

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