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Is Your Child Already With Us?

We are accepting students for the Big Enrollment, but some groups have already begun their studies and are getting their first results.

The instructors adjusted the curriculum to the level of each group. It is structured so that during the lessons the children do not look at their watches, but listen to the teacher with interest, ask questions, and communicate.

Teachers involve all children in the process – no one will go unnoticed. If a child feels being treated with respect, always supported and explained what they don’t understand, then there is more motivation to study and attend classes.

As a result of our training, most children speak Russian fluently and have basic math skills. Of course, all children are different and the pace of learning is different for everyone. But in a couple of months our students, who are learning Russian from scratch, can put words into sentences, answer simple questions, and tell something about themselves.

In Russian, children learn the alphabet, new words, and basic grammar. And at the Conversation Club they overcome the language barrier and learn to communicate freely.

In math, children learn numbers, addition, multiplication, and more. We also teach the “Smart Numeracy” technique, which will come in handy in adulthood. In addition to practical skills, math classes develop concentration, attention, and perseverance. Children learn to see the simple in the complex and not be afraid of difficulties.

Our teachers communicate personally with parents, discuss their children's progress, and make recommendations for their child's further development.

Is your child already with us? If not, go to our website and apply for the Big Enrollment.

The kit includes Russian, math, and Conversation Club.

Now you have the opportunity to buy the Big Enrollment at a discounted price. We have discounts of up to 74%. You don't overpay and your child develops.

P.S. The offer is limited. All terms and conditions are available on the website.