Palme School: useful articles about teaching children the Russian language

Why our training programs are effective and what we do best

Periodically, we collect feedback from parents on the learning process, teachers, and expected results. Here are our strengths according to parents:

We don't simplify the process, we really teach the kids. Methodologists control the quality of the lessons, evaluate the teachers' readiness, and monitor the students' progress.
We don't put the learning on the parents' shoulders. You can either teach your child Russian if you like, or not teach at all - your child will still learn Russian. You don't need to control the homework or do it together with your child. Just praise them for their progress and enjoy the progress. We will do the rest.
We structure the learning process in such a way that it brings visible results. If your child starts to attend our school, you can buy books in Russian, because he/she will start to read soon. Turn on Skype; they will talk freely with their relatives. Open messengers; they will write messages in text, not emoji.
We use proven teaching aids that are recognized by education experts. For example, Primer for Smarties helps children learn to articulate and phrase correctly. All of our programs use only the best techniques and aids.
We collect feedback. Mentors talk to parents and ask what learning problems they have, what their child is missing, and how they can help more.
We make an important contribution to the child's communication with relatives. We are incredibly pleased to read your stories about how children talk to their grandparents, how they listen to Russian fairy tales, learn about the culture of Russia, its nature, and sights. We understand how important it is for you to pass on the traditions, values, and culture of the Russian people to your children, and we are happy to help you do so.

This is not all of our achievements, merits and successes, but the most important thing is your happy, harmoniously developed children.