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How To Make One-on-one Training Even More Effective

In individual lessons, teachers have more opportunities to expose a student's potential because all the time is devoted to just one child. Curators help make individual lessons even more effective. What are the rest of a tutor’s benefits for children and parents?

A mentor is an educator who helps make learning easy, understandable, and accessible.

The mentor gathers useful information about the child so the teacher can make lessons more effective.

After the first lesson, the mentor will contact the parents to find out how the class went. No one knows a child better than mom and dad, so the mentor will ask if the child liked the class, if it was too easy for him or her, if the material was too easy, and so on. The teacher will form their subsequent lessons based on this information.

Telling about the child's progress

After the first 3 weeks of classes, the mentor will tell parents about the child's progress: what he or she is doing particularly well, and what is worth paying attention to. And this is important. By getting feedback from the teacher, parents understand how things are going with language learning.

Here's a simple example. John is learning Russian from scratch. He found it difficult to study in a group and started taking individual classes. The teacher notes that the efficiency of learning increased, but John's conversational practice began to deteriorate because it was important for him to hear how other children speak Russian. That is why the mentor offered two options – to combine individual and group classes or to attend Conversation Club classes. The parents chose a combination of individual and group classes. After two weeks, John became much more confident in pronouncing words and even correcting the other children. All this thanks to the feedback from the mentor.

A thematic plan for the next four sessions

This helps parents understand how fast the child is moving and helps him or her learn new material. For example, if the child learns the names of animals in the next lessons, parents can plan a trip to the zoo and learn the names of animals in Russian and English.

You can compare a mentor to a navigator. Every child can do without the mentor’s help, but it makes it faster and easier to achieve the goal.

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