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A Study In Numbers: Why Russian And Math Are Considered The Most Important Subjects

According to research by the Russian service, respondents consider Russian language (61%), math (59%), and foreign languages (38%) to be the most important and necessary subjects. About 4.5 thousand Russians over 18 years old participated in the study. So why do most people consider these to be the most important subjects?

We have already written a lot about the necessity of learning the native language, math, and foreign languages. Now we want to highlight two important aspects.


Russian is important because it teaches children to speak, write, and read. Its purpose is to help communicate with others, to understand others, to make their point of view known, and to achieve the desired results. Thanks to a good knowledge of Russian, children can choose different forms of communication – respectful, friendly, or neutral. They understand when it is appropriate to joke and when it is better to speak in an official tone. And this helps them adapt to different situations.

How much can you do in a country whose language you don't know at all? Your children will learn English or French where they live, and if you don't teach them Russian, it's unlikely someone else will.


Math not only helps in life by allowing you to correctly calculate volume, change, taxes, and other necessary data. It also develops your brain. Solving complex problems, the brain learns to think, analyze, propose different options, and look for arguments. And this development has a major impact on the other areas of life. It is not for nothing that math is called the queen of all sciences.

While learning math, children develop memory, imagination, thinking, and attention. And these are the basic mental processes that help a child learn.

Well, we talked about the importance of foreign languages even more, so we won't repeat it again. Let's just say that all learning leads to development. And developed children are successful children!