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How a child can buy safely on the Internet?

It's better the first 2-3 times you buy something together with your kids to set an example. This is how you can act:

Choose an online store. Advise your child to compare prices and terms of delivery in the desired city. It is better to use sites already proven than to trust newly opened stores.
Check if the online store is real. It's not easy to spot a scam store. Sometimes they make their site so believable that even adults trust and buy goods there. Moreover, sometimes scammers make a copy of famous online stores or create their own store in the same style.
Get a separate card for online shopping and do not keep a lot of money on it. When buying on the Internet, the user usually enters the card number, expiration date, and CVC code. If these data fall into the hands of fraudsters, it would be a shame. It's better to transfer the required amount to it immediately before the purchase.
Do not fill a lot of personal information in the online store profile. There can be many fields in a personal account, such as full name, age, state and city, e-mail, backup number for contact and so on. The data from the completed forms are usually entered into a database. It can be hacked or sold. So the less information about you and your children, the better.

And this memo can be printed out or sent to your child. Memo "How to Buy on the Internet":

• Check the store where you want to buy the product. There should be a lock or https icon next to the domain.
• Do not keep a lot of money on the card when you buy goods.
• Do not link your card to your personal account in the store.
• Fill in minimum fields in your online store profile, so that you do not disclose your personal information.
• Agree with your parents on the purchase and delivery method.