Palme School: useful articles about teaching children the Russian language

Our expertise in language teaching

What gives us the right to teach your children Russian, and why can we do it? No sugarcoating, just facts:

We are immigrants ourselves. Years ago, when we found ourselves in an unfamiliar environment, we were able to adapt, and then we realized what we lacked. And if we need it, so do other immigrants. Having gone this way, we have determined what conditions are necessary to support the Russian language abroad, we know what difficulties may arise and how to overcome them.
Our teachers have experience working with bilingual children. Such work requires a special approach, and we can provide it. For example, we talk about the peculiarities of cultures with clear examples, we show the differences and similarities of languages, we help to see analogies, we explain the role of suffixes and endings.
All of our teachers are professionals, and the methodologists have not only a philological but also a psychological education. They understand how difficult it can be for a child to adapt after moving or to learn Russian culture and language almost from scratch. That's why they conduct lessons in a playful way and take into account each child's level of language proficiency.
We understand the peculiarities of the online format and adapt to it. It is not enough to be an excellent teacher. It is important to be able to present the material in such a way that children become interested. Teachers prepare fascinating presentations to keep children's attention on the screen and use various interactive methods. Our teachers also attend an online theater studio where they teach acting. With the help of acting techniques, teachers keep children's attention and explain topics more vividly in class.
Our teachers have taught and are teaching Russian to almost 2,500 children, and the number of students is growing steadily. Our accumulated experience helps us teach our children Russian even more effectively.

We understand the difficulties parents and children face in adapting because we've been there. We know what kind of result we are aiming for, and how to lead our students to it. That's why we have recruited experienced teachers who know how to teach bilingual children online.