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My child gets bullied. What do I do?

You feel hurt. Ashamed. Scared. Sad. These and other mixed feelings are experienced by a child who is constantly being ridiculed. Some steadfastly withstand attacks by peers, fighting back and putting the offenders in their place. But others are withdrawn into themselves and very hard going through mockery classmates. So how to help your child through this difficult period of maturation?

Task #1 for parents is to teach their child to react in such a way as to completely discourage the bully from laughing. Child psychologists suggest several effective strategies:

Putting mockery to the question. For example – "Why do you say that?", "Why do you say I'm stupid or ugly?"
Send the bully a persuasive "I want" message. Have the child say, "I want you not to talk to me," or another version, "I want you not to tease me." But here it is important to say it clearly, loudly, and definitely in a confident voice.
Turn the bullying into a compliment. The child can turn it into a joke and respond with "Thank you for that compliment" or "How nice of you to notice that!"
Use sarcasm. Phrases like "As if I care," "You don't have to make me laugh," "That's just great" will do.
Show your amazement, your surprise. "Really? I had no idea," "Thank you for telling me." This should be said with a touch of irony.
Ignore the mockery. As soon as the bully starts his "game," leave immediately. You can pretend he is invisible and look at something else. This strategy is the best option if it is not easy for the child to respond with words.

Whatever strategy your children choose, it is very important for them to feel the support of their close people, mom and dad. In any situation, remain a friend who can always be trusted.