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What Are The Benefits Of Knowing Two Or More Languages?

Probably many people understand that it is good to know several languages. But why is it good? What exactly does it bring? Here is just a small list of benefits:

  • More advanced mental abilities. Bilinguals can maintain the activity of several languages at once. For example, while having a walk with a friend, they can give directions to a foreigner and then continue talking to a fellow traveler in their native language. This improves concentration and attention. Such people are less likely to make mistakes at home and at work.
  • Quickwittedness. To express a thought in a foreign language, you first need to think about what words you can use, what grammar rules will work, etc. This develops quickwittedness. Especially in the early stages of learning the language, when the student does not yet have a large vocabulary and knowledge of the rules. 
  • Good Memory. People with knowledge of several languages are better at remembering new words, rules, and requirements. This skill helps in studying and in getting a new job, when you need to memorize a lot of information as quickly as possible. 
  • A developed and strong brain. According to research, senile dementia begins 5 years later in people who speak more than one language than in people who speak only one language. In addition, a person retains his or her sharp mind in old age. 
  • Better communication skills. It has already been proven that knowledge of several languages improves empathy, which helps to make new friends, build relationships with teachers, colleagues, and loved ones.

These bonuses automatically appear in children who begin to learn a second language. Developed abilities help throughout life and increase the chances of success.

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