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Why cheap schools don't produce results

If the school offers low tuition prices, it means that it is saving on something. And this will inevitably affect the result. Without the appropriate costs it will not be possible to provide quality services.

Here are the reasons why cheap schools don't produce results:

Saving on the experience of teachers. Instead of good teachers who know the peculiarities of age psychology and pedagogy, know how to interest children and explain the material clearly, lessons in cheap schools can be taught by inexperienced teachers, yesterday's students or non-professional tutors. They won't be able to explain a topic at the level of a child's knowledge or hold their attention.
Saving on the program. There should be goals, objectives, and an expected result in the learning process. For example, in our program the knowledge, skills and abilities that each student will receive are prescribed in advance.
Saving on the number of employees. If one teacher leads several groups, they burn out and get tired. Attention decreases, the desire to think up interesting methods of fixing knowledge disappears. There is not enough time for work and sleep. In addition, schools can cut not only the number of teachers, but also other necessary staff.
Savings on salaries. Let's say a school has recruited strong, experienced teachers. If management delays or reduces their pay, teachers may start looking for part-time work on the side. That means the quality of lessons will suffer.
The enrollment of too large groups of students. In these situations, teachers cannot pay attention to each child. As a result, the result of learning will be much worse.

There are certainly ways to optimize costs. It is possible and necessary to make tuition cheaper. But saving on what really matters always has a disastrous result. We know this because parents often come to us after such situations and share their pain.