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What We Do Really Good

We can tell you a long story about our benefits, but it's best when our customers do it.

For example, we are often told that teachers manage to get children interested and involved in the learning process:

“The program is adapted specifically for bilingual children, there is a good textbook and interesting assignments. The teachers are young and energetic, they manage to sustain the children's attention until the end of the lesson.”

“I like the fact that there is an element of play in the lessons. Also, thematic lessons where children can learn words are planned really well. It's also good that they teach children to write.”

“Lesson structure is what I appreciate. Each student is asked in turn, so everyone has to participate.”

“I'm not present in class, so I can't give an entirely relevant answer. But I listen to my child. If she says something is boring, then we leave. But you manage to maintain an element of interest.”

People also note our organization and competence:

“The way the work is organized is very good, they give quick answers to questions. There is careful selection of classes (groups). Excellent pedagogical staff.”

“I can note the organization, group selection, selection of material, competence of the teacher.”
“You are very organized and always remind us about classes. New ideas and programs keep on appearing, and you keep us informed. Prompt response to questions or complaints.”
“Organization of the lesson, technical support, notifications on WhatsApp about lessons, the lesson itself, no extra words, no fluff, everything is very clear!”
We are also very happy to receive feedback, where the results achieved are discussed:

“Greetings!!! I want to express my gratitude to the entire Palme team School And of course to our charming Arina. She managed to awaken a love for Russian, despite the fact that my son is studying four languages, but he is looking forward to the lesson))) All thanks to Arina. Almost a year ago he could not speak Russian at all”

“We like our group and our teacher, the way she gets the kids interested. In general, the program is very good. In a year, we have practically started to read, write all the letters and words”

We try to do everything we can to make sure that your children get good results and are happy to go to class.

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