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Creative ways to motivate your child

It is very important to have motivation not only for adults, but for children as well. It is what makes us act and walk confidently toward our goal. Motivating a child is not difficult. It is enough to know his/her interests and dislikes. This external motivation is more needed moms and dads to get children to do what they need. But the intrinsic motivation will help the child to succeed in life, to build harmonious relationships and become even better. Here are easy ways to develop intrinsic motivation in your child:

Set goals. These can be simple goals like doing homework quickly so you have time to play, going to bed on time so you're not late for school in the morning. And they can also be long-term goals (for teens) that will help you be successful in your career or relationships.
Planning. When you have a clear plan of action, it's easy to achieve your goal. Help children plan for what they are interested in.
Encourage. This is one of the most effective ways to motivate. For a child, this can be a reward of buying a toy, watching their favorite cartoon on a tablet, or doing something else that they love.
Inspire. A parent's example is much more important than what they say. That is why it is so important for children to set a good example.
Explain. Talking to children, it is very important to explain why they should do this or that in a certain situation.
Appreciate. Don't forget to appreciate all those efforts which the child makes to reach the goal.
Cheer up. Children can't always be the best at everything. And when they are haunted by failures, they give up. Your support will help them believe in their strength and achieve their goals.
Competition assignment. In the process of competition, we try to win. It motivates for new success.

Also help your child acquire new skills and accept deficiencies. At the same time, don't be intrusive. Try different ways to develop motivation in your child, and choose the most effective ones.