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Why some children are more successful than others

"I was a "C" student in school, but then I became a successful business owner" or "I was an excellent student, but then I disappeared from the radar and achieved nothing in life" – do these sayings sound familiar? How do you understand why some kids are great achievers while others remain "mediocre"? It's all about a well-developed brain and a good adaptation.

To develop thinking, flexibility and speed of mind, the child needs to make certain efforts. For example, to do homework, memorize information and structure it, solve more complicated problems, learn a foreign language, find connections between objects or phenomena, understand the cause-and-effect relationship.

For successful adaptation to new circumstances, from a change of teacher to a change of residence, a child needs a broad outlook, self-confidence, emotional stability, and, of course, the support of the family.

The skills learned don't only work well during school. The same skill that helps a child find the proof of a theorem will also be a great helper during work negotiations.

Thanks to developed thinking, it is easier to choose the right partners and conclude successful business contracts. And the skill of adaptation helps in the right situation to quickly readjust and change your behavior.

For example, if the workplace offers a business trip to another country, the ability to adapt will help to successfully solve work tasks in a new place, recruit new specialists and devote time to the family.

The relationship between the effort expended and the result obtained is direct – the more effort, the better the result. A simple example:
А – graduated from college, no special achievements, knows native language and a little bit of a foreign language, worked briefly in the profession.
В – graduated from a prestigious university, received an MBA, speaks four languages fluently, worked in the profession for a while.

Who would a CEO be more than happy to hire for a promising position? Naturally, Applicant B, because the effort he has put into himself will be useful both to him and to the company he is applying for. This is quite justified and logical.

Marcus Aurelius wrote, "Nothing comes out of nothing, just as nothing goes into nothing." If the foundation for future development is not initially laid in the child, there is no need to expect success in the future. But if parents and child make efforts to become happier, more harmonious and successful, these efforts will never go to waste.