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What skills Directors, CXOs, and Business Owners have

Do you think the statement "If a child learns and strives for knowledge from childhood, they will have a better chance of becoming a department head, director, or company owner" is correct? Let's look into it.

Why do people hold promising positions?

Because they have the necessary abilities, knowledge, and skills for this. For example, it is much easier to become the head of a department if a person is able to set goals, motivate employees to work more efficiently, brilliantly come out of difficult situations and find non-standard solutions to problems. Successful managers are people who are responsible, goal-oriented, self-confident, who understand cause-and-effect connections and are able to predict the result. But Business Owners or Directors are not born this way, but received the necessary qualities after birth. And then the next question arises.

Why do people become successful?

One can talk about luck, about being in the right place at the right time, or about the help from an acquaintance. But these isolated cases do not detract from the fact that the childhood of successful people was different from the childhood of those who occupy the lowest positions. 

What are the differences?

Brain workload. The more the brain has to overcome complexities, solve problems, think outside the box, and rebuild ways of thinking, the higher the load on the brain and the better it works. And it is the workload at a young age that is most important, because it is the most favorable time for investing in the future.
Broadening your horizons. The broader the horizon, the broader the thinking. And the broader the thinking, the more often actions lead to the right result. The breadth of interests directly affects the success in the future.
Adequate self-esteem. It is very important that the child can clearly see his strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and risks. This will help not to get bogged down by trifles and achieve their goals. Children with overestimated/underestimated self-esteem are unlikely to achieve significant results.
Determination. The ability to set goals and go to them is a very important quality for every manager, entrepreneur, director of the company. And here it is not only about goals for business, but also about self-development, hobbies, time planning, prioritizing. Going through life aimlessly, lack of persistence are not the qualities that a future company owner or prospective employee needs.

There are dozens more precursors to success, but these are the most basic. By investing time and effort in our children's education, we create their successful future.