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What we do very badly

Let us be honest with you, there are things we do very badly. And we're willing to share that:

1. We don't get ready for lessons very quickly. And even worse, we create a simple and uninteresting program. We spend a lot of time on composing the curriculum and checking homework. It is important to us that children get useful information, memorize it, and use it in their lives. At the same time, we have several curricula adapted for children with different levels of knowledge. In the process of learning, we can adjust it for a particular group.

2. We take a very long time to select teachers, because we can't accept them after just one interview. It is important for us to make sure that the candidate has the right level of knowledge, can present it in an interesting way, and can engage children.

3. We are very bad at limiting ourselves to lessons alone. Many parents of our students communicate with the teachers, discuss their children's abilities and successes, and ask for recommendations for their child's further development after graduation.

4. Our teachers don't teach boring classes well. As we’ve already said, we take a long time to put together a curriculum. But it can be presented in different ways. Our teachers add playful elements to lessons, give clear examples, and involve every child in the learning process.

5. We can't stop developing and leave everything as it is. We regularly ask parents and children for feedback: What they like, what they didn't like, what they would like us to improve, etc. We take advice and do efforts to improve ourselves.

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