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How to motivate your child to do homework on their own

Parents do not always have time to sit down with their children to do their homework. And independence must be developed. How to do it? Here are 10 tips for children of different ages:

1. Create a special environment. Tell your son (daughter), "Please put on headphones, your brother is doing his homework." It is best to make sure the child has everything he or she needs to do it before going on his or her own.
2. Start small. For example, you can say, "Honey, I have an urgent call. Can you rewrite the example in your notebook for now and solve it on a draft? I'll come and check and you can copy it in your notebook. If the child gets used to doing the task himself or herself even a little bit, later he or she will get used to doing the whole thing.
3. Be there. It is easier for children to learn to be independent if they are backed up by their parents.
4. Plan by asking your child, "Where do you start?". Help them understand where they will start their homework, which subject they will do first, when there will be a break.
5. Play. Suggest a role-play reading. Or you can seat your favorite toy next to it and let the child learn the poem with it or explain the rules to it..
6. Tell why, as a child, you liked to do homework on your own.
7. Remove gadgets and distractions. If his mother is sitting next to him, he won't go to check on TikTok, but without his mother, he will.
8. Praise for success. Say how beautifully the child has written a line of letters, and then ask, "Can you do that again?" There is a green pen rule. When grading a completed task, highlight what you did best.
9. Ask your child to look for inaccuracies. For example, you could say, "There's a mistake in the solution. Can you figure it out on your own?" The skill of self-checking is very important for the development of independence.
10. Praise your child for even the smallest displays of independence, by saying: "It's so good that you did it!". This will boost your child's confidence and he or she will want to do even more next time.

Patience, patience and patience again! It will take a lot, but the result will be worth it!