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Why American students choose Russian in college

Let's talk about what learning Russian in college will do for students. You have to spend time to learn Russian. Is this expenditure justified?

Three reasons why students learn Russian:

They want to get credit for Russian as a foreign language. In the U.S., students have to take two languages – American and foreign. Children with Russian roots who are studying languages can ask for Russian as a foreign language. Due to this, the applicant's scores will increase when applying to some colleges.
They strive to learn their native language. They want to study their native language.
Studying Russian as a foreign language to understand the country's culture. Some students study Russian because they are interested in the country itself, its culture, values, and famous personalities.

According to a Florida State University research, students who have studied Russian have more career opportunities.

They work:

  • As engineers in space studies at the Johnson Center;
  • At international banks;
  • At Peace Corps;
  • In leading accounting firms in Russia and the United States;
  • In large companies and law firms;
  • In Russian, European and American press services;
  • At State Department;
  • At U.S. Department of Commerce;
  • As English teachers in Russian schools;
  • In such NGOs as the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, National Center for Foreign Languages, American-Russian Business Council, American Council for International Research and Exchanges (IREX) in both the United States and Russia.

If you doubt whether your child needs to learn Russian, isn't the answer obvious?

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