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Why is online learning taking over the world?

In all countries there are schools and courses where you can study online. Every day their number grows. There are courses for adults, schools for children, interactive courses for everyone.

Why do people decide to study online? Here are 7 reasons:

1. Time savings. If the training in an offline school is 5 hours, add to this another 2-3 hours for the road. And there may be traffic jams on the road, plus you need to get ready for school in advance. So, you have to spend about 8 hours for one school day. And that is just for the day, not a quarter or a year.
2. Saving money. You need more money for gasoline, stationery, lunches, study aids, school uniforms and a change of shoes than you need to pay for the Internet.
3. Just as effective as offline learning. Properly organized online learning process with the program, control, homework will bring the same result. And sometimes even better, because the groups are usually smaller and you can get more attention from the teacher.
4. Natural environment. Adults and children spend a lot of time online. They communicate with friends, mail reports, work and search for information. Therefore, it becomes a natural progression to learn there as well.
5. Convenience. When studying offline, students search for information on the Internet, rewrite it or print it out, and give it to the teacher. When studying online, you can immediately send the teacher a finished work, send a link to your Disk, or make a screenshot of an incomprehensible place in the textbook. Most people are used to working in Google documents, and communicating in Zoom or Discord, so online learning becomes easier, too.
6. Location doesn't matter. If you have the Internet, you can study at even the coolest online school.
7. You can be sure that your child is not skipping classes. After all, they are sitting in the next room.

According to analysts, online education will develop and strengthen. Some schools will fail to cope with the competition and close down, while others will offer interesting formats and teach efficiently. We are definitely one of the latter, so we are setting ourselves up for a long and fruitful conversation with you.

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