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Top 10 cartoons that will help in school

Not all children like to study, but every child loves to watch cartoons. For the learning process to be interesting, offer your restless child to watch educational and very interesting cartoons. We offer a selection of the most useful for children:

Brother Bear. An interesting Disney cartoon about the Paleo-Indians. They were the ones who lived in America during the Ice Age.
The Land Before Time. A great dinosaur cartoon. After watching it, your child will surely be able to tell the difference between the long-necked, three-horned, and tyrannosaurs.
The Prince of Egypt. The best of the ones about Ancient Egypt. Of course, you can also watch an equally informative and entertaining cartoon, The Sun Queen.
The Emperor's Quest. For anyone interested in learning more about the ancient Incas. A positive and instructive cartoon to help your child discover the ancient world.
Tales of Princess Kaguya. The best story about Ancient China. This is a true ancient Chinese collection.
Hercules. An incredible story for children about ancient Greece.
How to Tame the Dragon. A great cartoon for kids who are excited about the Vikings.
The Legend of Prince Valiant. A fascinating cartoon about the Middle Ages period. Princesses and princes, knights and dragons all help you dive into the incredible medieval world.
Grave of the Fireflies. A cartoon about World War II. Turns out the Japanese included it in the school curriculum.
Steel Giant. Tells the story of the Cold War.

A child will have many questions while watching such special cartoons. Therefore, it is a good idea to organize joint family screenings.