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Future competencies that will help a child become successful in any profession

Your children may not yet know what they want to be when they grow up. They will acquire professional knowledge in their own time. In the meantime, we, as parents, can help children become versatile professionals who will succeed in any profession. Here are skills that are worth developing in children now:

1. Working with information. If a child knows how to find the necessary data, process and structure them, they will be able to understand any topic, learn a lot quickly and become successful in any profession.

2. Working with people. It is important to teach a child to understand other people's point of view and to find compromises.

3. Working with finances. In adulthood it goes like this: a specialist who knows the EBIDTA of the company and can estimate the payback of the proposed project gets a position, a salary, and project management.

Valentina, economist: "It is necessary to teach a child to manage money from childhood. When they become the head of a large company, they will be able to understand what profit is made of and how to increase it.

4. Self-discipline. It's good to be a passionate person, but you need to be able to see things through to the end, to work with dedication, to put in new energy every day. And then you should enjoy the results.

5. Soft skills. These are the skills that make a person flexible in any profession. No matter what your child wants to become – an engineer, an accountant, a programmer, a teacher – soft-skills skills will be very useful for him/her.

Danil, entrepreneur: "Flexibility is important in every profession. For example, a manager or marketer will be able to find work in any market changes or crises. They have all their baggage of knowledge behind them, figuratively speaking. In any niche or industry, they will be able to adapt quickly. But 1C developers, for example, will have a harder time.
They may have to learn a new programming language from scratch or look for a new job. This is where time management, critical and creative thinking, self-learning, and other universal skills come in handy.

All of these qualities and skills can be formed in any person, but it is much easier to do this at a young age.