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Pros Of One-on-one Training

What do you think is more effective: group or individual classes? Yes, that's a tricky question. And the answer is simple – you can't say that individual classes are more effective than group classes, or vice versa. These forms of training are different and help achieve different goals.

For example, a child who is a slow learner and lags behind others will benefit more from one-on-one training. And for an extrovert who loves competition, group lessons are exactly what is needed. So we will tell you about the advantages of one-on-one training, and you can decide for yourself whether it is essential for you or not.

That's what one-on-one training is good for:
• The teacher fixes all attention on only one student;
• The child concentrates better on the topic of the lesson;
• The child can ask any questions without being shy or afraid of criticism;
• It is possible to adjust the lessons to the child's study schedule;
• The child can go back to something they don’t understand as many times as they want or, conversely, to speed up the study of material;
• The material is studied thoroughly and there are no blank spots;
• The teacher and the child have more time to practice the skills they need.

It is up to parents to decide which form of education to choose. The best option is to combine both forms. So the child can more thoroughly work through the material with the teacher at a comfortable pace individually and at the same time work as a team and make friends in group classes.