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20 situations where math comes in handy

Sometimes parents hear their children say, “I won't learn geometry/algebra/maths, I won't need it in life, and I can count anyway.” We have compiled many life situations where math comes in handy in life. Check this list and tell your children how math is useful right now and in a few years:

1. Calculate the amount of food to make cupcakes, cakes, and other meals without getting confused about ounces, pints, and milliliters
2. Calculate how much money will be required to do groceries and how much change will be left
3. Calculate what they can buy with their pocket money
4. Divide the pizza among the guests
5. Buy the right amount of wallpaper or amount of paint for repairs
6. Measure the size of the room or lot for the future home and figure out the size of furniture
7. Make a layout for a school project, calculate the size and quantity of materials
8. Calculate the amount of gasoline to go to another city with friends
9. Calculate the cost of a summer vacation
10. Choose the best rates for the Internet, telephone, etc.
11. Pay bills
12. No overspending during shopping
13. Calculate calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates, calculate water norms for their body weight
14. Calculate the speed, time and distance to arrive on time for a party with friends or not be late to the airport
15. Make clothes for themselves or their doll
16. Calculate whether it is profitable to take a loan and what is better; to pay less, but longer, or more, but to close the loan faster
17. Ability to profitably convert currencies
18. Decide whether to gamble and what the probability of success is
19. Calculate success and approximate return on investment
20. Not fall for tricks. For example, buy more for less money

And lastly, a little more use. Maths:

• Good for developing memory, lets you memorize poems, dates, and other information faster
• Excellent for the development of logic, which means it will be easy to solve problems and puzzles, determine cause and effect, play the mafia and other games
• Teaches proportionality, making it easier to sketch objects and more accurately transfer proportions to paper
• Develops critical thinking, which means it will be very difficult to manipulate someone who knows math