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One-on-one Training: What Needs To Be Taken In Account

For one-on-one training to be as effective as possible, you need to create the right conditions for the child and provide for several other things:

- Discuss the child's personality with the teacher in advance. This way the teacher can make a plan and choose appropriate teaching methods specifically for this child. You can discuss how the child responds to praise or criticism, what helps him or her learn, how long his or her performance lasts, how to attract and hold his or her attention.

• Incorporate one-on-one training into the daily routine. You can print out a schedule, decorate it brightly, and hang it in front of your child's desk. That way the time of the lesson will catch the child's attention and be better remembered.

• Organize your workplace. Recall that the distance from the eyes to the monitor should be at least 50 cm, there is good light, no tangled wires and anything unnecessary on the table. Phone should be switched to silent mode, pets taken to walk. One-on-one sessions should be organized as properly as possible, so as not to waste study time.

• Check the Internet, camera, speakers, and microphone. Make sure that the sound from the speakers is loud enough so that your child does not have to strain his or her ears. If there are no speakers, use headphones. When choosing between a computer and a smartphone for lessons, give preference to the former. The screen is bigger, the working posture will be more comfortable, and typing is also easier. If the Internet goes off, it can ruin the lesson, so it is better to double-check the speed.

• Get your child ready for work. Individual lessons require maximum concentration. Therefore, it is excellent if they put aside the toys 15 minutes prior to that and concentrate on the subject of the lesson instead of dreaming about chicken wings.

• Discuss in advance the reasons for one-on-one training. We have already told you who can benefit from this form of teaching. It is good if the teacher knows that you, for example, want to learn Russian intensively and therefore are ready for more difficult tasks than children in the general group.

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