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Надо ли начинать подготовку к школе сейчас

When it comes to preparing for school, parents often have conflicting opinions. Some think it can kill interest, while others think it will make school life easier. Let's find out if all of this is true.

If a child comes to school prepared, they will be bored

It seems that while the class is learning the alphabet, the children who already know how to read are looking out the window and dangling their feet. But no one is bored at a good school.

Child's brains are not yet ready for the workload

Neural connections are constantly forming in the child's brain and its resource is much greater than we think. Of course, some areas of the brain are only formed with age. For example, verbal-logical thinking appears at 6-7 years of age and continues to develop for several years.

The need to extend childhood

The attitude "there is a game, and there is learning" is not very useful for a child. Parents with such attitudes can unwittingly send the child a belief that learning – it's hard work and it is necessary to make an effort.
It is better when play and learning are intertwined; playing by learning and learning by playing.

Reading books about animals, dividing candy equally for the whole family, talking to relatives in Russian do not deprive childhood, but enrich it.

It is easier for a child to adapt to school if they are prepared

School is a new stage in a child's life and, of course, difficulties can arise. Here we are talking not only about knowledge, which will facilitate the perception of school material, but also about the processes themselves. It is important for a child to learn many things, such as how to ask a teacher about something, what to do if you forget about homework, how to correct a mistake, and so on.

Children become more confident and independent after they are prepared for school

Yes, they do. Children who are prepared for school often feel more confident. They already know what to expect and understand how to behave.
They feel some superiority and this increases their self-esteem.

Children develop physiologically, psychologically and intellectually

Development happens when a child is exposed to something new. Preparation for school is just that – something new and interesting, something that challenges. Can I read this word? Can I put the pictures in order faster than anyone else? This is what development is.