About Us
Our online school will help to learn and improve English the smallest children and schoolchildren. We work with all level of English or none. In addition, thanks to online classes, pre-schoolers will prepare for school and they will have the basis for future learning. This is a very important investment in the success of life, since it is at this age that up to 90% of a person's capabilities are laid.

Each child has unique abilities and with an individual approach, he will be able to open up and get excellent results. Moreover, training will not be a punishment, but a reward.

We strive to do everything possible so that every child can get quality knowledge, regardless of his pr her place of residence (big city or outback), visiting a kindergarten and additional institutions.

Our English online school will help each student to learn and improve English speech, learn grammar, and also form adequate self-esteem, become more self confident, love learning, and learn independence.

Studying at Palme school, children develop memory, creativity, logical thinking, motor skills. Classes are held in an easily accessible interactive way for each child.

Online classes have multiple benefits. It is convenient not only for children, but also for parents. While mom or dad is busy with household chores, the child studies with interest. In addition, such training is significantly cheaper.

Online education at school is available for a resident of any country in the world. The main thing is to have Internet access and, of course, a little free time.

Over 24 years of experience in teaching kids, whole generations have gained new knowledge studying with us. Now "Palme" is transitioning it's amassed knowledge base into virtual classes.